It’s that time of the year when we begin preparations for the celebration of the Tamil New Year and the election process for the new term.

Election Notification 2018

The Election Committee is charged with the task of soliciting nominations & conducting elections for NYATS.  Election Committee is inviting nominations for 15 positions to the executive committee/board members.

Please review the attached documents below for details regarding Election Notification and Nomination Form:

Click here to download Nomination Form
Click here to download Election Notification

Please see below the additional details and important dates. We appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming the new team.

March 5th: Deadline for membership renewals and any updates to contact details

March 6th to March 12th: Accept nominations for open positions

March 13th to March 16th: Withdrawal period

March 19th: Announce Slate of Candidates

March 23rd to March 24th: Election/Voting period for 48 hours

March 25th, 2018 @10 am: Results Declared by Election committee

Note: Please contact EC for any questions related to elections at nyats.ec@gmail.com

We are pleased to announce that the election committee has been formed to conduct the elections for the 15 member committee for NYATS for the upcoming two year term 2018~2020

The election committee comprises of
1. Mrs Annu Subramaniam
2. Mr Jayakumar Shivraj
3. Mr Parasuram

Mr Venu Daroori will act as an advisor for the election committee and help with the smooth execution of the elections.

Please find below the member list for 2017 and 2018, as per our records.

Click here to see Membership List

Request each of you to review and validate for correctness for member’s name in the attachment for members from 2017 and 2018. In addition, please use the attached link to acknowledge and confirm your membership.

Click here to Confirm your Membership

If there are mistakes in either spelling or if you paid and your name does not appear on the sheet. It is very important that you verify the details and update your membership using the attachment.

For members who did not receive this email via the new email system and for those who received the email, but their name is not in the attached list, request you to please update using the link provided below.

Click here to Update your Email

Every family is allowed to register two emails (Member and spouse), and individual member’s, are entitled for one email ID.
This is very crucial for the upcoming election process, where voting will be held via electronic ballot instead of paper for accuracy.
Please ensure to update your details as well acknowledge your membership by no later than March 5th 2018.