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Rules and regulations for evaluations:

There is no Evaluation test for new students registering in Preschool 1, Preschool 2, Basic 1, Advanced Basic and Conversation classes. All the new students aged 6 years and above are evaluated for their Tamil skill when they register in CTA or its Affiliates. If your child is registering first time to CTA and is above 5 years, please provide the information about your child to help us place your child in the right grade. The students will be placed in the appropriate grade level based on their evaluation test scores. Students must score 80 and above to qualify for the grade.

Evaluation of Returning Students:

● Returning students can take the evaluation test to skip a grade as long as they meet the minimum age requirements.
● The student has to pass the evaluation test with a score of 80 & above to be promoted.
● Returning students will be evaluated ONLY on the first 3 working days of the school.

Grade Eligibility:

In order for the student to be evaluated for a grade the student has to satisfy the age requirements as Table shown on the side.