Tamil Padasalai Admissions

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Thanks for your enthusiasm and Support on our First year of CTA Affiliated Tamil School.  We have twice the number of kids registered to our Tamil School than last year.

Our enrollment will be open till the first day of our school(Sep 26th), those who missed our open enrollment can contact us to register your kids.

We are also very happy to see some of the parents who showed interest in enrolling their kids to our pre-school program(3-4yrs). Based on those parents interest we are now offering preschool program in our Tamil School, Please contact us if you are interested in registering your kids to our preschool program.

You can enroll kids through our website or contact one of us…..Enroll your Kids now!!!

Classes are conducted by 12 teachers in following levels:

Basic, Basic 1
Grade 1 ; Grade 2 ; Grade 3 ; Grade 4 ; Grade 5 ; Grade 6 ; Grade 7

Suited for all age groups

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